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Lori Wiggenhorn, MA, LP

Licensed Psychologist


Consultation offered for Licensed Mental Health Therapists

In my 25 plus years as a clinician, I have worked in several mental health settings and with many populations. I have worked in day treatment in the community and in a hospital setting for children, adolescents and adults. I had an internship at a substance abuse outpatient program and volunteered for a spirituality based AA group. I have worked in an outpatient mental health clinic and now I am in private practice. My practice primarily focuses on working with adults. Though out my time as a psychologist I have mentored many therapists on their journey caring for others' emotional and psychological health.
I feel all these experiences have helped prepared me for the role of consultant. My goal is to help facilitate growth in therapists. Together we can face the various challenges that accompany being a mental health professional.

Plus...Interested in practice practice? I can help you find ways to grow, develop and enhance your business.

I offer two forms of consultation:

Mindfulness Consultation:
As therapist’s we can run into difficulties bringing clients and ourselves into mindfulness. If you need help staying present in your work or have clients who struggle with mindfulness, consider using mindfulness techniques as part of consultation with me.
Using mindfulness techniques in consultation can lead to a better understanding and growing sense of compassion for the internal dilemmas clients’ face. We can study with curiosity what interferes with your mindfulness. We can explore when your own issues are triggered to learn how to build mindfulness skills to set the issues aside so they do not interfere with clinician work. The intent of mindfulness consultation is not to provide individual therapy but to help you manage personal reactivity as a clinician.

Standard Consultation:
There are many ways to see clients symptoms and just as many ways to help them. Here are some ways I can help you improve as a therapist. We can discuss cases from a psychological perspective that may include understanding the mind’s habitual beliefs to how thinking impacts the body. We can develop ways to include a spiritual approach in therapy that is respectful of clients various beliefs systems. So many clients suffer from trauma that it’s important to help you and your clients better determine when the symptoms of trauma needs to be part of client care. I can provide you with practical, easy ways to help clients understand the complex lenses of dissociation and trauma. Let’s also work together to find ways to better engage clients dual awareness between adult and inner child qualities of self with humor and graciousness.

I have training in Sensorimotor Therapy, AIR Network, EMDR, Solution Focused Therapy, DBT and Cognitive Behavioral Approaches. These methods help inform my work as a consultant but I do not currently offer hours to earn certification in these therapy methods.

Consultation Offerings:
As needed or ongoing consultation
60 minutes for $135
*I offer secure video and in-person appointments

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